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Jon MacCall, MBA, P. Eng. - Director, Product Development

Jon's primary role as Director is to ensure that clients' needs are fulfilled. He achieves this by drawing on his unique combination of management and technology skills. One of Jon's main strengths is his ability to quickly "get inside" your industry, competitors and customers; his broad-based industry analysis capabilities arise from both the theory of his MBA and his practical consulting experience across many verticals including finance, telecommunications, logistics management, healthcare, imaging and document management, sports gaming, real estate and military training simulations. He has a keen understanding of the full solution development lifecycle and has played senior technical and management roles in both startup firms and large established ventures.

Jon's 15-year development career has given him proven expertise in delivering high quality, performance-critical applications to the international market and for internal corporate use. He is a specialist in Object Architecture applied to enterprise solutions, with a focus on the integration of Web technology into existing systems infrastructure. He honed his analytical and framework construction skills at the IBM Canada Lab and on contracts with Allstream, RealWave Software, Bell Sygma, TD Bank, Nesbitt Burns, Inlogic Software, Toronto Star Sports Club Partnership and other diverse clients in the telecommunications, finance, and health care industries.

Jon has a B.Sc. in Mathematics from Dalhousie University, B. Eng. in Engineering Physics from the Technical University of Nova Scotia, and an MBA from the Schulich School of Business. He is a co-inventor of a distributed healthcare process and technology, which is the subject of a U.S. patent submission.

Richard Ding Au, PMP, B. Sc. Eng. - Director, Software Development

As Director, Richard mentors a team of experienced developers that help companies (startup to established) with development initiatives and rapid product prototyping. Richard is a technology executive with over 15 years experience covering a range of industry verticals and products including: internet solutions, software and hardware technologies, system architecture and applications.

Richard also helps companies set technology directions and develop strategic relationships. He acts as a CTO for hire; a role where he directs development methodology, project management, technology and team selection. Richard was recently the CTO for Realwave Software Inc., a Real Estate Board solutions startup that was acquired by Montreal's Cognicase Inc., where he architected and led web and prototype development projects. He has also led teams and projects at the IBM Canada Lab, ISG Technologies Inc., Internet Presence, Inlogic Software, Toronto Star Sports Club Partnership and others.

Richard has a B.Sc. in Engineering from the University of New Brunswick and has contributed to several U.S. patent submissions in the Wireless Roaming and CAD (Computer Aided Diagnosis) spaces.

Oliver Vidovic, B. Sc. E.E. - Director, Internet Technology

Oliver has a track record of delivering robust web deployed solutions. As a Director, he focuses on the selection and application of appropriate technologies to both client and server components of our solutions. In addition to his role in specifying scalable system architecture for client projects, Oliver is charged with educating both Alaia's team members and our clients about the benefits and risks of competing tools and technologies. He combines his extensive technical knowledge of the Internet with his experience of Internet culture and standards.

An accomplished Enterprise solution developer, Oliver has worked in a broad range of industries, including insurance, real estate, medical imaging, telecommunications and Internet gaming. In the past 10 years, he has demonstrated his specialized technical skills on behalf of a number of client organizations. Oliver has hands-on development experience with technologies ranging from client side (JavaScript, XML, HTML) to the mid-tier (application servers, portals and portlets, cgi, servlets and JSPs) to the back end (Java services, EJBs, SQL databases and Object databases). He has applied this expertise to projects with Allstream, Digital Means, The Dominion of Canada Insurance, Daleen Canada Inc., Internet Presence Inc., and RealWave Software.

Oliver earned his Bachelor of Electrical Engineering with a major in computer technology from the University of Zagreb in Zagreb, Croatia.