Software Development

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your bread & butter

Alaia’s ongoing passion is creating customized software solutions for our clients. Software engineering is the core of our consulting practice and we continue to demonstrate our technical skills as we consistently deliver solutions on time and on budget for our clients.

Alaia has a particular focus on the following areas:

  • Solution architecture for a networked world; combining our experience in creating industrial-strength enterprise solutions with our knowledge of the Internet
  • Integration/Webifying existing systems; lots of people do Web sites. Not many of them have our expertise in integration technologies and leveraging legacy systems while delivering Internet services to your external customers, and your internal departmental staff
  • E-commerce and online payments; we can help you select the payment processing solution that's right for your business

If you have a development project that just has to be done right, engage Alaia with the confidence that we will deliver your project.

Alaia has experience in many application domains and can deliver solutions in both Enterprise Java and .NET environments.

For our clients, Alaia represents an opportunity to have top-flight development resources available exactly when required during a project's development cycle. If you engage individual consultants, there is some minimum time commitment to be made (or a large financial compensation for short-term assignments). With Alaia, you get that specialized resource for the exact amount of time that makes sense for your business, and at a price that would otherwise mean a minimum three-month engagement.