Software Development

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your development partner

Once you have your funding, the real challenge begins; you have to execute your technology and business strategies! As your technology partner, Alaia is there to help.

We have experienced project managers and business analysts who know how to manage the risks inherent in software development projects.

With over 30 years of experience in the software development business the Alaia team has succeeded at enhancing, evolving, and developing technology, design, and tactical advertising into productivity-enhancing business solutions and marketable products. We are committed to doing business to the highest ethical standard, providing exceptional service, maintaining integrity and pride in everything that we do for our clients, and never forgetting that our clients – their success – is at the core of our business.

For our clients, Alaia represents an opportunity to have top-flight development resources available exactly when required during a project's development cycle. If you engage individual consultants, there is some minimum time commitment to be made (or a large financial compensation for short-term assignments). With Alaia, you get that specialized resource for the exact amount of time that makes sense for your business, no minimum time-frames. After all, you're the client.