Software Development

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system integration

Sure it’s sexy to build a new application from the ground up. Where things get tricky is when you need to incorporate existing databases and applications within your organization.

If you’re like many of our clients, your organization has a significant investment in applications and reams of customer, order and financial data that is used to run the business day in and day out. You need to find a way to leverage these existing assets as part of seamless new development initiative.

Alaia has years of experience integrating with our clients’ legacy systems. Alaia has blown away expectations when handling the following types of integration challenges:

  • Marshalling corporate data to unified mid-tier databases for presentation via the Web (e.g. for customer self-care initiatives) or corporate Intranet (e.g. for consolidated customer view projects that span departments)
  • SQL based interaction with existing corporate repositories
  • C or Java programming interface (API) interaction with existing applications
  • Making use of existing functionality via Web Services
  • Publishing Web Services interfaces to allow our custom application code to be leveraged throughout the Enterprise

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