Software Development

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technology skills

Alright, if you made it this far you’ve come for the alphabet soup. You want acronyms, we’ll give you acronyms. Some of our skills are highly specialized, so have a close look at our list in case you see something that’s incredibly hard to find elsewhere.

One note – we have a corporate policy of not including technologies, acronyms or buzzwords unless someone in our shop has actually used them on a client project. We realize that’s a little unusual these days, but we’re old fashioned – we feel that you should understand what we’re good at by reviewing our site, not just what we think will get us engagements.

Alaia is home to some of the best development resources around. The Alaia family includes people skilled in the following areas:

  • Object-oriented architecture and design
  • N-Tier Web application architecture and design; J2EE architecture
  • Enterprise Java and .NET development using Java and C#
  • Old-school languages such as C and C++, Visual Basic and Delphi
  • AJAX, JavaScript, HTML, JSPs, Servlets
  • XML to enable data interchange
  • Web Services interfaces
  • Open-source tools and frameworks including Apache 2.0 Web Server, Tomcat 5 application server, Struts (with and without Tiles), Spring (for IOC and AOP), Hibernate (forward, reverse and middle gen approaches), JSF/myFaces, Shale, Magnolia CMS, Lucene index server/search engine
  • WebSphere, Tomcat, JBoss and Novell eXtend application servers
  • Application deployment and support under IIS
  • Relational databases (Oracle, Sybase, DB/2, mySQL, SQL Server)
  • Object databases such as ObjectStore
  • Internet mapping and geocoding (MapInfo, MapXtreme, GeoPinpoint)
  • Java API for integrating with Remedy ARS
  • Java API for integrating with Granite/Xng (circuit/network design software at Allstream)
  • CMIP protocol, ASN.1 data type definitions and GDMO managed object definitions
  • Microsoft, Linux and Unix operating system platforms