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web presence creation

If you are looking for someone to create your corporate web presence or overhaul your existing one, look to Alaia. Our team of skilled project managers, designers, analysts and developers will create the site you envision, whatever it looks like, from simple informational sites to state-of-the-art e-commerce applications.

Our team includes not only programmers, but also usability experts, marketing specialists, graphics designers, illustrators and content writers. The Alaia team also brings with it our proven process for analyzing your business, your customers and your needs. This means that the site will not only be built well, it will be built well for your business.

Need a place to put your site? Alaia features state-of-the-art hosting and maintenance facilities.

Talk about a one-stop-shop.

Our Approach

Invest With Care
We recognize that any introduction or redesign of technology is a business investment so we encourage you to select your Web developer with care. A professional will want to understand the following things before undertaking your web project:
  • Your business goals
  • Your plans and strategies for growing the business
  • Your core customer service processes
  • Your main competitors
  • Essential features you need for your web site; how do these support your business goals?
  • Your budget expectations, both for initial site development and ongoing maintenance
  • Finally, they should be able to show you how you can expect to recover your investment in the Web

If the people you're talking to aren't having this type of conversation with you, you should be talking to Alaia instead.

Building for your business
We believe that solutions start from an understanding of your business and your customers. Building any old web site is (relatively) easy. Building the right web presence to advance your business and satisfy your customers requires discipline and a structured, professional approach. To start the conversation about your business, your goals and your customers, send an email to or call 416.645.0524 x302

Communication is Key
Client communication forms the backbone of our business. One of the things we do prior to diving into any contract is to carefully define the scope of the project. This will include a mutually-agreed upon definition of Alaia's role, along with an itemized list of deliverables with deadlines. From this blueprint, together we can then focus on what we do best: you, in running your business, and Alaia, in satisfying your requirements.

When you retain Alaia's services, you are not only getting the best in technical expertise, you get well-rounded professionals who can help you articulate and realize your business requirements.

Describe the project for us and let's go from there. We have been in the business for a while and we know how much it should cost you for what you want. We have the information and the bench-strength expertise. We have the technical skills. We have the marketing savvy. Let us help you achieve your corporate goals today.

Site Design

For businesses with a web presence, it's about more than great technology. Your corporate identity needs to stand out. The first visit to your site should 'wow' your users with its professional look, its content and its ease of use.

Realizing business value
Your site needs to be designed for your customers. E-commerce sites should focus on generating transactions rather than generating impressive page view stats. Requests for more information from your site should be from qualified and motivated customers because they already have a clear message of what you're all about.

Our expert design services will help you achieve all this. Alaia has a team of skilled professionals in graphic design, web design, usability, illustration, branding, and corporate identity services.

Putting the user front and center
User-centered design with results in mind; that's what we consider a professional web presence.

A well-designed site should accomplish your business objectives and provide an engaging, interactive, compelling experience for your user.

We'll help you to further your business aims and build a web presence you can be proud of.

Content Development

What's the point of creating a great-looking web presence with robust scalable technology if you can't provide compelling content for your audience?

At Alaia, we believe the job isn't over until our client has a solid content development strategy. Our staff can assist in all aspects of content development - from devising content plans through to signing up content provider partners and executing the strategy. We can definitely help bring your web presence to life.

Content Services
Alaia can provide ongoing content creation services to you, whatever your business needs to provide a desired response from your audience. We can ensure a steady flow of new material for your web presence by helping you with:

  • Content planning and strategies
  • Content audit
  • Online marketing and branding messages
  • Online newsletters
  • Online surveys
  • Integrating online and offline business objectives

Alaia believes that the only measure of good content is the delivery of the appropriate message to the right audience in the right voice to produce the appropriate responses.

Content is a strategic element. Use it to your advantage.

Our Consultative Approach

Content creation is approached in the same client-focused, Alaia way. We get to know your business by understanding your target objectives. We define the business goals of the technology project. We advise you on how the new technology will impact your work, and finally, we fill your Web site with compelling, goal-focused content.

Whether your focus is to generate leads or increase e-commerce transactions, we can show you how to accomplish your goals.

E-commerce solutions

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