Integrated Marketing

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tactical advertising

Alaia is passionate about understanding your business – how it functions, how it makes money, and what all your brand assets are – so that your advertising and marketing connects from your business to your consumers. We drive growth by establishing closer relationships with consumers, creating additional customer ‘touch-points’ in new environments, and directly connecting these to all your profit channels.

We employ a stringent media drag-net exercise that scours, and dissects the entire landscape of every imaginable kind of advertising opportunities and we assess between the multitude of media players what each one is willing to do to include additional value resulting in the best bang for your buck! We are experts in targeting the precise desired demographics, geo-regions and psychographic nuances on a national and local basis, and we always ensure that we penetrate (if not actually dictating) what the relative content environments are where your company’s product, and brand needs to be unleashed. Before, during, and post anything we do we want to know how we can be assured of a guaranteed measure of ROI metrics.

We do not just “place” your ads in the right place, instead we go to extreme lengths to create the right environment, to associate and connect you with strategic partnerships, and we combine unique advertising opportunities with perfect continuity that cannot possibly go unnoticed. We can work with any budget-size… Just test us - we know you will be impressed.

“I cannot keep them to myself, but they will definitely be our long-term strategic partner. Undoubtedly, this is the type of professional client-service, attention to detail, creative-vision, and brand protection that they are doing for me and their other clients too!"
- Chad Currah, Divisional Manager of Russell Athletic