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Stock images vs personal photographs

Friday, July 31st, 2009

With the advent of digital photography, the amount of stock images online has become limitless and for a few years now, there have been specialized sites catering to specific industries.  The problem with stock images is not that they are scarce, but that effective images are hard to find.  And by this I mean pictures that don’t fit into the Sears Catalog category.

The fact that optical technologies and photography equipment saw a steep curve in improvement only means that the average Joe can now afford a professional SLR at higher resolutions.  A high resolution image does not necessarily mean it is a good picture. In fact, higher megapixel camera’s are not always better.  And that is the problem with stock images.  True photography brings out certain moods or feelings using various aspects of colour, lighting and positioning techniques.

It’s a shame it takes a long time to simply search for images that don’t look fake or out of date.  Even buying a high end camera to take your own shots may be worth a try if it is more customized to your content and if you are willing to put some time aside to learn at minimum the technical aspects of photography.  As the old cliché states  “A pictures is worth a thousand words”.  So if a user lands on your page and the limbic system of their brain has been stimulated because of beautiful imagery, it was worth the effort.