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Need a custom designed and built software project done on time and on budget? From fully customized applications to small plug-ins Alaia has you covered with full service system integration, e-commerce, web development, project management, hosting and maintenance solutions.

what is an "alaia" anyway

what is an "alaia" anyway

Alaia (ah - lie' - ah) is a special type of surfboard. Nine feet in length with a distinctive shape that tapers towards the back, these boards allow only the strongest, most skilled riders to aggressively conquer a wave.
As an icon, the Alaia surfboard symbolizes adventure, finesse and skill. We have selected surfing as the metaphor for what we do in the technology field - the elegant fusion of technical perfection and expert human skill.


Our experienced team of programmers, designers, and advertising experts deliver exceptional creative, original and tactical intelligent technology solutions for many industries, and any business challenges.

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